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Responsible for the website content according to the Austrian law is

International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship
(Internationaler Yoga Vedanta Verband)
Schikanedergasse 12/13
AT-1040 Vienna, Austria, Europe
Email: fellowship@yogaindailylife.org
Board members: Dr. Manfred Stepponat, Dr. Renata Lavicka, Mag. Silvia Breyer,
Monika Kolkova, Dr. Eszter Lukacs, DI Jasna Stepponat

ZVR-Reg. No. 802293218

Download the Fellowship Constitution Document

The Fellowship is of benefit to the public and not oriented towards profits. In accordance with its constitution it pursues the following aims:

  • fostering physical, mental, social and spiritual health through the system Yoga in Daily Life®
  • striving for world peace and human rights through tolerance, respect and understanding regardless of national, religious and cultural differences
  • offering humanitarian aid and support for indigent people, particularly in emergency areas
  • fostering cultural and social activities and international relationships in areas of art, culture, education, dance, language, religion
  • protection of environment and animal rights
  • running schools and undertaking educational projects

E-Commerce- Gesetz, Medien Gesetz, Gewerbe Ordnung

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