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Satsang with Vishwaguruji, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic

There are different kinds of disturbances (vrittis) in the consciousness, for example worries from the outer world. If we blame others, we will never reach our aim. Nature is destroyed and food poisoned with chemicals. Meditation brings positive thoughts into our consciousness. Go further and you will reach knowledge of the Self. Compassion will come into your heart and will remain there. In that way, life will be happy and healthy.

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We suffer because we left Nature

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

God has created everything sustainably on the Earth. We all were born in the garden of God with talents, abilities and knowledge. Our duty is to give these fruits forward. Brahman is the truth, there is only one God. But how to achieve that?

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Culture gives us the human quality

Morning satsang from Weekend Seminar in Vep, Hungary.

Culture has mighty power, like tolerance, forgiveness, respect. These are the blossoms of the cultures of different countries. Where there is a human, there is culture. It helps us to protect our dharma and reach self-realization. The highest dharma is Sanatan Dharma, it is present in all of the cultures.

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